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  • Nirobe (2011)- Sasha Goshan - Kolkata Robindro Songeet-128Kbps Free Download

    Album Information
    Nirobe (2011) Sasha Goshal- Kolkata Robindro Songeet-128Kbps Free Download Album Name : Nerobe
    Artist : Sasha Goshal
    Total Track : 12

    Bitrate : 128Kbps Mp3
    Year : 2011

    Robindro Songeet
    Date : 24-06-2011

    Track List & Download Link
    Track 01. Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo.mp3
    Size : 3.29MB     Download 128Kbps   

    Track 02. Durdesi Sei Rakhal Chele.mp3
    Size : 3.66MB      Download 128Kbps   

    Track 03. Amar Je Din Bhese Gache.mp3
    Size : 3.97MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 04. Aji Tomay Abar.mp3
    Size : 3.70MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 05. Shukno Pata Ke Je Charay.mp3
    Size : 3.36MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 06. Amare Tumi Ashesh Korecho.mp3
    Size : 3.74MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 07. Ache Dukkho Ache Mrityu.mp3
    Size : 3.31MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 08. Aaj Kemon Kore Gaiche.mp3
    Size : 3.99MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 09. Shudhu Tomar Baani Noy Go.mp3
    Size : 4.21MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 10. Tumi Kon Bhangoner Pathe.mp3
    Size : 3.44MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 11. Jakhan Porbe Na Mor.mp3
    Size : 3.42MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Track 12. Dhire Bondhu Go Dhire Dhire.mp3
    Size : 4.19MB   Download 128Kbps   

    Download Zip File (Mediafire 128Kbps)
    Nirobe (2011)- Sasha Goshan-128Kbps (amarsong.blogspot.Com)
          Download Zip 128Kbps (43.54Mb)   

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