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  • Pop GURU & Freedom Fighter Azam Khan Passes away

    Azam Khan Is no More
    Pop GURU & Freedom Fighter Azam Khan Passes away Pop GURU Azam Khan Is more. He died Sunday morning at Combined Military Hospital (CMH).
    According to sources, the freedom fighter breathed his last at 10:20am. He was 62.

     Azam Khan Is no More

    Country’s Pop Guru Azam Khan is no more. He died Sunday morning at Combined Military Hospital (CMH). According to sources, the freedom fighter breathed his last at 10:20am. He was 62. Suffering from oral cancer, the legendary singer left for Singapore July 14 last year for better treatment. After treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital he returned home. He was admitted to Square Hospital on May 22 as his ocndition deteriorated. He was given life support. With his health condition being unimproved, Azam Khan was moved to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Dhaka Cantonment June 1 night. Team has expressed deep shock at the death of Azam Khan.

    Biography :

    Azam Khan, or Mahbubul Haque Khan, born Feb 28, 1950 the capital's Azimpur, is one of the pioneers of Bangla rock. He has released 17 solo albums to date. A large number of his songs were also released in mixed albums. 'Ore Saleka, Ore Maleka' is one of his songs that became very popular in the eighties. 
    He fought for our Independence in 1971. After Independence of the country, he wanted to popularise pop music, a new genre which was not initially received well by the critics and some music aficionados. But his passion for pop music and indomitable spirit made the impossible possible. 

    The critics could not resist the youths, his target listeners from accepting this new form of music. Slowly but surely he found his place among the hearts of the people and became the undisputed guru of Bangla pop music. He is the inimitable Azam Khan – our very own pop guru. Last week when this reporter met him at his home in the city’s Kamalapur, the guru was as usual very candid to talk on a plethora of issues. When the guru was diagnosed with cancer of oral cavity on the floor of his mouth few months ago, he became worried about the expensive treatment. But with the financial assistance from the satellite television channels, newspapers, musicians and love from his fans, the guru underwent successful surgery on his mouth at the Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Hospital. “After the surgery, now I’m feeling quite well. Initially I was unable to talk, but slowly but surely I’m feeling better by day. But still doctors have advised me to perform some therapy for which I need to go to Singapore immediately. The follow up treatment would cost me another 30 lakh Tk. I’ve already spent 50 lakh Tk for the treatment. I don’t know how I will manage the rest of the amount for performing the follow up treatment” confessed a shy Azam Khan while talking exclusively with Weekend Independent.

    But guru has no grudge to anybody. “We are the people of a poor country where everybody can’t ensure proper healthcare facility. Yet I’m lucky that I could afford the money to go to Singapore with the help from the government and the people who love me and my music. So I’ve no grudge to anybody. Whatever assistance I got from the people, I’ve no words to show my gratitude to them. I can only say I am blessed by their love and generosity. I’m especially thankful to singer Ayub Bachchu, Kumar Biswajit, Tipu (Warfaze), Babu (Feedback), the government, Channel I, Boishakhi TV and last but not the least, my fans for their never ending love and support. ” So how the guru is spending his time these days? “Well, I am maintaining a low key profile these days. I am not going outside that much. After waking up in the morning, I do minor exercises. Then I read the newspaper. The whole day I literally spend by sleeping or strolling at the rooftop. But this is not what I was willing to do. I’m a workaholic person. I used to guide amateur swimmers at the Dhaka Stadium’s Swimming Pool complex. I used to talk with a lot of people everyday. But as part of my tongue has been stitched, so I feel uncomfortable to talk much.” So when will we be able to see guru in his usual form again? Azam Khan said, “Well, right now I do not know whether I will be able to sing again. But I would love to work for the people in whatever way I can.”

    In his long illustrious musical career, what are the regrets of Azam Khan? A visibly confident Azam Khan replied, “I’ve no regret at all. I’ve been bestowed with huge honor and love from the people. So I’ve no complaint. I’m 61 now and if I die anytime now, I will have no regret. I fought for the country’s independence, inspired the youths to stay away from all evils through music and in return got compliments from all. I’ve a very happy family. I’ve two daughters and a son. All of them are students and I’m proud of them. When I walk down the streets, people recognize me and fondly call me as ‘guru.’ They ask me about my health and shower me with their blessings. So why I have any regret?”

    On that note, the reporter was curious to know who tagged him first with the title ‘Guru’!. Azam Khan felt uncomfortable and said, “I really felt embarrassed when the guitarist of my band first called me with this name. His name was Rocket. One day I noticed he was calling me ‘Guru.’ I instantly raised my objection and even told him that he would not be allowed to enter my home if he continues calling me as ‘Guru.’ But he paid no attention to my objection and later everybody started calling me ‘Guru.’ Now I no more feel uncomfortable with this tag. I’m used to it now!”
    When asked what his view was on our current music trend, Azam Khan had this to say “The appeal of music is on the wane from the listeners. They can no more remember a particular song even after repeated hearing. During our times, people were passionate about music. We did music not only to earn money, rather to entertain the listeners as well. Our music was able to connect with the listeners. These days, musicians are becoming more dependent on internet and software. A singer needs to do music keeping the people and the society in mind. But if his music doesn’t reflect the views of the people and the country, then it’s natural that it would fail to make a favorable impression on the listeners.”
    Reflecting on his own music, Azam Khan said, “Whenever I sang a song, I took my country and the listeners into confidence. I tried to give my best in each of my song. I’ve no personal favorites among my songs. Throughout my 40 years of musical journey, I’m yet to find my dream tune and song. I’ve not yet sang my best song. But my continuous effort with music will go on.”
    After a long chat, this reporter was about to say adieu to the pop legend of the country. With a brim of smile, he said, “Just try to be happy in life. If we all try to lead a happy life, the world will deliver its smile on us and Allah would bestow his mercy upon everybody.” After coming back home, I just wondered about pop guru’s never ending confidence. The pop maestro, despite his mouth cancer is oozing with self-belief to stage a comeback. Azam Khan’s mouth cancer has failed to take away an iota of confidence from him. Physically he may be down, but still not out. It puzzles me that in a country where luxurious cars are hitting the roads in thousands everyday, a veteran singer cum freedom fighter Azam Khan is not getting what he truly deserves. If we have the money, we may buy a BMW or Lexus anytime, but if we lost an Azam Khan, will we be able to find another one in the next 100 years or maybe more? When a legend like his stature suffers in illness due to financial inability, it speaks volumes about all of our collective failures and moral bankruptcy.

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